Saturday, June 03, 2006

Denmark menarche

A continuous decline in menarcheal age in Denmark
Annette W. Olesen, Bernard Jeune, Jesper L. Boldsen


We report a renewed decline in mean menarcheal age in a large Danish sample after a period with a halt in the trend towards earlier age at menarche in many North European countries. In our study based on retrospective data from six different samples constituting 42784 women, we find a continuously declining mean menarcheal age in Denmark among women born in the years 1964-1973. In a sample of textile workers born in the years 1939-1968 (n = 12605) we find a 1 year higher mean menarcheal age. This indicates that menarcheal age is still delayed in certain groups in Denmark. This leaves the possibility that the menarcheal age could fall even further in the future.

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