Saturday, June 03, 2006

Germany Menarche

Changes in age at menarche in Germany: Evidence for a continuing decline
Dörte Ostersehlt, Heidi Danker-Hopfe


Since there are no recent data on secular changes in growth and maturation of girls from West Germany, two cross-sectional studies with equal design have been carried out in Bremerhaven, North Germany, in 1979/80 and 1989. The present paper presents the results of an analysis of changes in age at menarche based on status quo data from school girls (1979/80: 2,796; 1989: 2,223) aged between 10.0 and 18.5 years. Probit analyses show a reduction over the 10-year period from 13.30 ± 1.19 to 13.01 ± 1.21 years, while logit analyses, which fit the empirical data slightly better, show a reduction from 13.29 ± 1.21 to 13.00 ± 1.24 years.

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